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Game Name: Suzi the "NEZ'ard" Sweep
Tagline: Flee's are the worst of her worries
Genre: Side-Scrolling Platform
Free Download Link : Suzi the "NEZ'ard" Sweep Download Link

Suzi the nezard sweep indie game artwork
Suzi the "NEZ'ard" Sweep - Indie Game

Suzi the "N.E.Z ard" Sweep
The Blurb...

jc lord - amature indie game developer
J.C Lord
This is me . . . (Mortal combat whoo hee) and this is my indie game.

Think Mario if it was made by an amateur retro gaming award winning chimney sweep with a love for 90's gaming that's never made a game before.

Think Speed Runs! Where your fast runs count.

Think Retro Saves! Remember punching in a code to load you're game, we bringing it back  . . . Loading just got Old-School again.

Think Easter Eggs! If your skilled enough to find them.

Think Killer Soundtrack! The fully acoustic soundscape from multi-talented Harper & Edwards that flows seamlessly throughout your adventure.

Think Cartridge Era Artwork with a Real World Twist! Stitching real-world photography with pixel artwork to create a visually unique platformer. "That platform your jumping on is a real photograph from the National Slate Museum - Snowdonia,Wales."

Think Hard on the Victor scale! Who wants to play a game that everyone including your nan can complete? This is not a game for the masses, it's a game created for the"N.E.Z ard" gamer who remember the rage that random spawn deaths can cause.

Think Gaming party with your friends. Every levels best time gets logged so you can challenge your friends again, and again

Think, FREE . . . This game is free to download
Here is a the download link

Looking for a modern platformer for a Retro Gamer!
Think! "Suzi the "N.E.Z 'ard" Sweep"
By Jim Chim-in-ey
Dorset's award winning chimney sweep specialist.

Out January 1st 2020
Free Download available here!
Game disclaimer is available at the bottom of this page.

Suzie the "NEZ'ard" Sweep - Game Cover / Artwork

About the making of this game.

I often get asked what I do in the summer when I'm not sweeping chimneys?
This summer I set myself a challenge.

I've always enjoyed retro computer games, creating artwork & making music. I thought it would be nice to see if I could make a short game from scratch using the #Gdevelop engine.

After a ton of late evenings and support from wonderful peeps who just like to help others in online forums and boom we have a game. It's a 2D platformer called Suzi the "Nez'ard" Sweep" based on my Nan's Jack Russell, Suzi.

What to do with it now?
I'll have a little launch party with friends and family and give the game away for free online.
(Any excuse to have a party)

What did I learn?

  •  Making a computer game is hard.
  • Plan ahead - You can waste so much time trying to fix or change something afterwards and in coding it can have a huge knock on effect.
  • Save, save, save - Breaking your game is easy to do with one click.
  • You have to break rules of physics to makes a game play how people think it should. . . "coyote time" being my favorite term that's used in almost every platformer. (You allow the player to jump even if they run off the platform). 

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Suzi the "NEZ'ard" sweep, characters and artwork remains the copyright of J.C.Lord.
Music and tracks remains copyright of J.C.Lord, Harper and Edwards & T.H.U.S.
Although the game has been made to the best of ability and the best intentions. I am a D.I.Y developer and can not take responsibility for any issue that result from downloading this free game.